Fangirling Over SYTYCD

So this just happened …


It’s all in reference to Shmeila, who really does love So You Think You Can Dance to an obsessive level. I have no idea where she gets it.

Someday, when she’s on the show, it will be adorable for Kat Deeley to point out these tweets.


After Cory: A Gleek Reflects on Death and Twitter

It was because of Glee that I created my Fanschmurl Twitter account.  I needed a way to follow Lea Michele and Naya Rivera and yes, Cory Monteith, without the judgement of my IRL friends.

I found there something I’d hoped for: candid photos of cast members – selfies on set or vacay shots or dinners out. I found tweets between cast members confirming real BFF statuses.  I found real people behind the silly show I really love.
And then I found something more.
There is this huge, passionate (some may say rabid) community of fans surrounding Glee.  Real friendships formed online as soon as I professed myself a Gleek.
This weekend, I heard about Cory’s death while I was at a wedding.  I had to put it away from myself. I didn’t have any access to technology at the time; I couldn’t find out more, or begin mourning with those who would understand.  Others shook their head and said, ” too bad.”  I just waited.
The next day, I gathered myself together to read the news sources properly.  I read my texts.  Even my IRL friends had texted me to give me the news.  And then Twitter.  It was crammed with speculation and sobs and obligatory well-wishes from disconnected celebs and out and out mourning from those in the know.
I found my people.  My Gleek friends who have been with me since the beginning.  We cried with each other – we who have never met.  We thought about Lea, about Cory’s family.  We wondered about the show.  We are so sad.  We hurt for his hurt.
There’s a closeness Twitter affords us with celebrities; an in to their worlds.  I know where Cory was that night.  I know too much.  So to Gleeks – rabid fans – it feels like we lost a character, an actor, a friend.