Fandom Power

A semi-serious post, m’peeps.

On July 31, it was the birthday of both (Queen) JK Rowling and (fictional) Harry Potter.

On my Facebook, I posted this:





Thinking about all that Harry has meant to me got me thinking about how his message has extended beyond Jo’s books.  If you aren’t familiar with the Harry Potter Alliance, you outta be.  It is an NGO sparked by concepts found in literature and other fandom-fueled genres, to fight for social justice.

To, as John and Hank Green would say, “decrease world suck.”

Because, as the Wizard Wrock band Harry and the Potters would say, “the weapon we have is love.”

Need an example?

Watch this.

Then watch this.

And remember that Dumbledore told us, “the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy.”

No one wants to disappoint Dumbledore.


JK Rowling: Grow a Pair!

If JK Rowling walked into the room right now, I would hop right up, bend right over, and kiss her fancy snakeskin diamond-encrusted stilettos because

a) I am a huge fan of her writing


b) I am such a creeper, I know that she has a penchant for outlandish, yet gorgeous shoes.

Something about her, by the way, which is arguably feminine.

And yet …

When Jk Rowling first published Harry Potter, she was told by publishers that boys wouldn’t read this type of novel, with a male hero, if it was written by a woman (at least that’s how I’ve heard it – have you heard differently?).

Anyway, instead of being all, “suck it! This is awesome and you know it, and who cares if I have a uterus – jealous?!” she adopted a fake middle name from her grandmother Kathleen, and added it to her first name Joanne, and became JK.

I bring this up today because this week it was revealed that Jk Rowling published another book under a pseudonym. That means she could pick any name she wanted … AND SHE PICKED A DUDE’S NAME! Robert Galbraith.

I’m so disappointed.

She had an opportunity to undermine everything the book industry says about authors: men outsell women, men write more broadly, men are better … and tell them to wank off.

And mean it.

C’mon Joanne … Grow a pair.

And by that, I mean ovaries.