After Cory: A Gleek Reflects on Death and Twitter

It was because of Glee that I created my Fanschmurl Twitter account.  I needed a way to follow Lea Michele and Naya Rivera and yes, Cory Monteith, without the judgement of my IRL friends.

I found there something I’d hoped for: candid photos of cast members – selfies on set or vacay shots or dinners out. I found tweets between cast members confirming real BFF statuses.  I found real people behind the silly show I really love.
And then I found something more.
There is this huge, passionate (some may say rabid) community of fans surrounding Glee.  Real friendships formed online as soon as I professed myself a Gleek.
This weekend, I heard about Cory’s death while I was at a wedding.  I had to put it away from myself. I didn’t have any access to technology at the time; I couldn’t find out more, or begin mourning with those who would understand.  Others shook their head and said, ” too bad.”  I just waited.
The next day, I gathered myself together to read the news sources properly.  I read my texts.  Even my IRL friends had texted me to give me the news.  And then Twitter.  It was crammed with speculation and sobs and obligatory well-wishes from disconnected celebs and out and out mourning from those in the know.
I found my people.  My Gleek friends who have been with me since the beginning.  We cried with each other – we who have never met.  We thought about Lea, about Cory’s family.  We wondered about the show.  We are so sad.  We hurt for his hurt.
There’s a closeness Twitter affords us with celebrities; an in to their worlds.  I know where Cory was that night.  I know too much.  So to Gleeks – rabid fans – it feels like we lost a character, an actor, a friend.

What It Takes To Love The Cubs

I’ve been thinking a lot about loyalty lately. It’s a trait I most often associate with my husband (we’ll call him Shmohnny) and not myself. After all, he has had the same best friends his whole life. He’s lived in two cities and worked only a couple of jobs.

I, on the other hand, have moved every 2-3 years before marrying him, worked in jobs ranging from janitor to bridal consultant to youth pastor to teacher and a dozen more. I try to keep in touch with friends, but generally suck at it.

So to sum up, Shmohnny loyal, Fanschmurl disloyal.

And yet …

As I wrote in my guest blog yesterday, I have been loyal to New Kids On The Block for 25 years and THAT hasn’t always been easy.

But there’s more!

I’ve also loved the Chicago Cubs since 1989. That’s 24 years of disappointment and heartbreak, baby. If that ain’t loyalty, I don’t know what is.

To be fair, I was indoctrinated in a good season (that’s how they getchya – like drug dealers).  And of course, it started with crushes. Ryne Sandburg and Mark Grace.  Second and first base, respectively … and they could get on base with me any time! Bah-dum-dum

Just kidding.  That’s gross.  I was in the 6th grade.

Anyway, that year the Cubs made it to the National League Championships, where they lost to the Giants.  We were picking up my grandpa from the train station that day, and I found a guy with a portable T.V. getting just enough reception to see the final play: Ryne grounded out.

I was devastated.  I was hooked.

In the 8th grade, my friends threw me a surprise birthday party.  It was Cubs themed.  There was a giant cardboard cut-out of Andre Dawson and Rick Sutcliffe, baseball cupcakes, and it was the first boy-girl party at my house.

They also all went in together and bought me a real Cubs Starter jacket, just like the players wear.  I still wear it.  It’s vintage.

24 years later, I don’t live in Chicago anymore.  Shmohnny desperately wants me to love the Mariners.  He’s very loyal to them.  But I just can’t.  I love the Cubs.

I always have.  I always will.


A GUEST BLOGGER IN SASSYLAND!!!!!!! You guys are going to LOVE her!

Here is my guest blog debut (which I secretly read as de-butt, in my head) …


Let me first say, that this has been over a YEAR in the making…you know…begging her to start her own blog, then begging her to do a guest post on MY blog, even asking if she wanted to team up to start a blog…but would she ever pull the trigger?


That is…until today

I was so excited when she @’ed (?) tagged (?) mentioned (?) me in a Twitter Tweet (?) post (?) that I almost peed my pants. TRUE. STORY. I’m extremely knowledgeable about Twitter, can you tell? Me. Fucking. Either.

This is my extremely good friend in REAL LIFE AND EVERYTHING, @Fanschmurl. You can find her on Twitter. She’s rad. And a self -proclaimed nerd, but I think she’s extremely smart and beautiful and super fabulous and yes, you should be very jealous that I am her friend and you are not.

Here’s what I need…

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