Does Fangirling Over Food Count? Um, Yes.

Sort of following this week’s Asian-theme (two blogs makes a theme because it’s my blog. Shut Up.), I’d like to take moment to talk about food.

I’m a fan. A big fan. A big, fat fan.

Most of my best friends happen to be petite Asian beauties, which can be awkward, as a thick boricua, who happens to be up about forty el-bees.  But they love me as I am, and I love them, and we all just ignore the fact that I can eat their weight in rainbow rolls at all-u-can-eat sushi.

What is their secret?

I have a new theory.  Are you ready? … The bento box.

If you aren’t familiar, a bento box is a lunchbox with dividers and compartments for each of your foods.  Like Lunchables, but not crap.  They also appeal to me because they usually contain food art, themed to cartoon obsessions (i.e. Hello Kitty, Pokemon).  It encourages portion control and adorableness.


This week Shmohnny started a Biggest Loser competition at his work.  As we go back-to-school shopping, I’m strongly considering going the bento route.

Can anyone recommend a bento set they like?

Also, and more importantly, does anyone know any Adventure Time recipes?


4 thoughts on “Does Fangirling Over Food Count? Um, Yes.

  1. Don’t you have to live in the Land of Ooo to get Adventure Time recipes??

    But anyway, no, I can’t recommend a set. But I can recommend resources.
    4) <–that's the cute one you're looking for

    With love,
    Your friendly neighborhood librarian who actually own a bento box

      • You’d have better luck making Marceline out of those ingredients.
        Ok, I don’t know if that’s true, it’s just that I love her best so…

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