JK Rowling: Grow a Pair!

If JK Rowling walked into the room right now, I would hop right up, bend right over, and kiss her fancy snakeskin diamond-encrusted stilettos because

a) I am a huge fan of her writing


b) I am such a creeper, I know that she has a penchant for outlandish, yet gorgeous shoes.

Something about her, by the way, which is arguably feminine.

And yet …

When Jk Rowling first published Harry Potter, she was told by publishers that boys wouldn’t read this type of novel, with a male hero, if it was written by a woman (at least that’s how I’ve heard it – have you heard differently?).

Anyway, instead of being all, “suck it! This is awesome and you know it, and who cares if I have a uterus – jealous?!” she adopted a fake middle name from her grandmother Kathleen, and added it to her first name Joanne, and became JK.

I bring this up today because this week it was revealed that Jk Rowling published another book under a pseudonym. That means she could pick any name she wanted … AND SHE PICKED A DUDE’S NAME! Robert Galbraith.

I’m so disappointed.

She had an opportunity to undermine everything the book industry says about authors: men outsell women, men write more broadly, men are better … and tell them to wank off.

And mean it.

C’mon Joanne … Grow a pair.

And by that, I mean ovaries.


6 thoughts on “JK Rowling: Grow a Pair!

  1. I’ve never been a fan of hers, but I had a similar reaction. She’s got enough clout in the publishing industry that she shouldn’t have to resort to these tactics. I would like to see her serve as a model for female authorship, showing what one can accomplish, maybe try to be the next Asimov (publishing under multiple topics and across genres). Ok, not really on the Asimov thing. But still – I think it would speak more if she were to be proud of what she has accomplished as herself, not as someone else.
    But worry not. Her spin doctors will tell us that she did this to prove a point – that under a man’s name, the book didn’t sell, but once it was revealed that she, A WOMAN, wrote it, it sold like hotcakes so this should indicate that women are on par with men in the writing industry. And hopefully they also refer to her as “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” because that would just be awesome. And hilarious.

  2. Actually, she has not been unmasked yet. J.K. Rowling’s whole name is a pen name and she uses a fake public birthdate. “MALFOY” is an anagram for “of Amy L”…and that is me.

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